In her practice, Nicole Collins focuses onthe effect and subsequent affect, of time, memory, accumulation, force and heaton visceral and ephemeral materials, through painting, drawing, digital reproduction,installation, intervention, video, and sound. Since 1994 she has exhibitedextensively including solo exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Ontario (2013), TheUniversity of Waterloo Art Gallery (2013) and The Embassy of Canada in Tokyo(2001) and group exhibitions in Toronto, Hamilton, St. Johns, New York, Miami,London and Zurich. Her work has been featured online and in magazines,newspapers and books including the major survey Abstract Painting inCanada (Roald Nasgaard), the 3rd edition of A Concise History ofCanadian Painting (Dennis Reid), Carte Blanche, Volume 2:Painting, and The Donovan Collection Catalogue. Collins lives inToronto and is Associate Professor of Material and Visual Culture inthe Drawing & Painting program at the Ontario College of Art & DesignUniversity (OCADU).

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