Melting in 2008

Circa 2008 I briefly explored melting paintings as performance. These
are the remains of the performances, along with the videos that attempted to
capture the dissolving surfaces. The frame is evident on some, since I only
melted what could be seen through the lens of the camcorder. The paintings were
made with the intention of being melted which definitely affected the choice
of colours, the sequence of application and the investment put into them.

There is a big difference between these works and the process of melting paintings previously considered “finished”.

This body of work will be available for acquisition until July 15, 2020 on purchase select work on Singulart 

lost time

June 4, 2020

A blog post planned for May was consumed by…everything…but the melting

Transformation, yes.

But also destruction.

Something must die for rebirth to take its place.

This is just one of the lessons embedded in this work.

In the painting, colours were applied in continuous strokes, no blending. 

In the crucible,
high chroma primary colours break down, mix into each other and emerge as the
tertiary colours of decay and fecundity.

Unexpected Transformations

Grasp was made in 1997 and was returned to the
studio from the collection of an old friend who was downsizing her home.

The resulting work is Grasp/Release, 1997/2020

I would never set out to make something that looked like this work. 

It is the pure result of following through on intentions, regardless of outcome.

a portal

a galaxy

a microbe

a weather pattern

Grasp/Release, 1997/2020, 54” x 54”, wax and oil on canvas

Grasp/Release, detail

Grasp, 1997, 54” x 54”, wax and oil on canvas

Grasp/Release, process

Grasp/Release, detail

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