Crucible Remains

Nicole Collins: Crucible Remains

Presented by CMS Arts on Artsy

January 25 - February 28, 2021

Crucible Remains

#crucible2020 derives from envisioning and research-creation
initiated in 2019. It was the intentional melting and transformation of a
personal archive of encaustic paintings.  Wax, a surprisingly stable
material is open to re-forming in the presence of
extreme heat. In the time frame of the series, COVID-19 was also bringing a
kind of heat to our wax-like and vulnerable
existence. Time and energies prompted the question: When is a painting
finished? Most of the material dissolved and was captured in sculptural form,
the stretchers re-purposed, the canvas conserved for a future work. Other
matter persisted, re-incarnated, across decades, stubbornly resisting the
process. Intentional. Unexpected. That which remains.

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